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A Change of Scenery

Last week in ISM I experienced an unexpected change of scenery. I came into contact at some point with someone who has Covid-19 and had to quarantine for the entire week, and as of writing this am still quarantining. Even though I was not able to go to class, my progress has not been halted.

What I am most excited about is that I have asked someone to be my mentor and am currently waiting a response. I asked Charles Daniel, my first interviewee, to be my mentor. I decided to ask Mr. Daniel because the interview I had with him was a great one and I felt that I could learn a lot from his expertise. I hope to have the title of next week's blog have something to do with me having a mentor and am extremely excited to get a response back.

Another big step I am taking regarding my research is I have begun reading the novel The Visual Investor by John J. Murphy. The novel is informative and explains how to analyze market trends. Reading this novel is going to help me greatly for furthering my understanding of quantitative analysis. I plan to use all that I learned from reading the novel and putting it towards my investing strategy for my bot.

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