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Final Product: Done!

Last week in ISM I finally submitted my final product. I am extremely happy to finally have submitted my final product, and am very proud of what I have created. It feels amazing to have finally completed such a monumental project, and I look forward to seeing everyone's reaction.

I was able to complete my product in the amount of time allotted to us, but it wasn't without its complications. I had to complete much more of the actual book towards the end of the time given to us, which is something that I did not expect. I expected to do a much more even amount of work throughout the course of the project, but the workload was greater than I anticipated and my schedule didn't exactly match up to how things actually went.

Moving forward I am going to continue to work on and improve my original work. However the difference is that now I will be completing the product on my own time outside of ISM, and will have no time restrictions to improve the book as much as possible. I have many ideas of how I can make the book more entertaining and how I can get the message of the book across better. Overall, I want to improve the entertainment value and the educational value of the book, and make it as excellent as possible before I say it is complete.

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