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The End of The Road... For Now

Last week in ISM I had my final presentation night speech. This was the last major event for the year, and it was an amazing way to end such an extraordinary year. At the event, all of the ISM students from this year presented their final product to a small group of friends and family and showcased their learning from the year.

My final presentation night was extremely fun and exciting, and I am very happy with how my final product and years work turned out. Seeing the looks on my friends and family's faces as I presented my final product is a moment that I will never forget, and the night was truly a special one.

This is most likely going to be the last blog that I ever post to this specific website, but I have been having thoughts of continuing to run either this or another website in the future as a sort of side hobby. I have already had ideas for a finance/investing site that can give people information on how to start investing and what the best tools to do so are. I want to keep this site specifically for ISM so that I can honor the program and/or have my website used as an example for future ISM students. That being said, the most likely outcome is that I create a new website for my own personal use.

I am sad that the year and my time in ISM must come to an end, and it is especially bittersweet being a senior who is about to enter college. However, I know that the journey ahead will be a great one, and that the memories created in ISM will last me a lifetime. Before I finish my last blog post, I would like to personally thank Coach Goff for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing program, my mentor Charles Daniel for always being there for me and always being willing to help, and my family for always supporting me throughout my ISM journey.

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