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Back to School With Big News

Last week was Thanksgiving break, so I did not get to attend ISM. However, that did not stop me from continuing to work on my original work. I also now have an unofficial mentor!

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I had been reading the book The Visual Investor by John J. Murphy. I was able to finish the book during my Thanksgiving break, reading and taking notes during my spare time. I have learned a great deal about investing and how to spot market trends based on visual indicators. I plan to use all that I learned to help me with my original work.

On a more exciting note, I know have a mentor! His name is Charles Daniel and he is a wealth management advisor. You may recognize his name from previous blogs where I discussed the interview I had with him. I am extremely grateful and excited that Mr. Daniel accepted my invitation to be my mentor for this year. Currently I am working to make him my official mentor and should have everything worked out by next week.

For this week my main focus will be my original work. I already have some great ideas for how I want it to work and I look forward to sharing my ideas and findings. I hope to wow everyone with what I have come up with.

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