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Beginning My Final Product

Last week in ISM I began working on my final product. Additionally, I met with my mentor and gathered his thoughts on my final product, as well as some basic knowledge.

So far for my final product I have created a set of ideas that I want to base my final product on. I want to create a children's book about investing, so having the brainstorming part of the project complete is a massive step. I have already created ideas/concepts for characters and stories, and I plan to continue working towards finalizing what I have so far. I already have rough sketches for my characters, and they are currently my main focus. In addition, I have started creating dialogue and character traits for my characters.

Last week I had my second mentor visit with Mr. Daniel. We began our visit by discussing my ideas for my final product and Mr. Daniel gave me his ideas and feedback. Mr. Daniel also gave me some topics that he thought would be important to cover, and I am currently finding ways to incorporate his ideas into my final product. After that we discussed some basic knowledge that I should know and Mr. Daniel sent me some information that I could consume during ISM that would help me in my studies.

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