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Diving Into The Stock Market

Last week in ISM I put all my focus on my final product. I want to get ahead on my final product because the scope of the project is quite large. Last week I started off strong by diving into the stock market and learning the basics of behavioral finance.

I began my research by analyzing and studying material that my mentor had given me on behavioral finance and how it can help you as an investor. From their I took detailed notes on all of the key aspects of behavioral finance from the information given to me by my mentor.

Once I finished learning the basics of behavioral finance I began working on incorporating the concepts of behavioral finance into my final product. My main idea is to incorporate the concepts of behavioral finance into how the side characters and background characters behave. For example, the background characters would behave similarly to how the general public would behave and important side characters would give advice on how to make sense of what the background characters are doing.

The last thing I began working on last week was the plot and dialogue for my final product. I have begun to formulate a rhythm that works well with children's books and hooks the reader in as they are reading. I am extremely excited to see how the plot and dialogue of the book turn out.

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