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Final Product Fun

Before I get into the blog, I need to make a quick statement about the timing of this blog post. I was originally planning on posting this blog post on the 15 of February 2021, but due to inclement weather and rolling power outages I was unable to post it then. I am going to post two blogs back-to-back, so keep in mind that this blog was meant for the week of the 15.

Last week in ISM was a rather tame week. For the most part, my focus has been on my original work, with most of my formal research being directed towards my personal interests in the stock market and different types of commodities.

This week I continued working on the character dialogue, which I plan on having finished by next week. The writing process has gone much smoother than expected, and I am content with the current dialogue. Of course, the dialogue will require some changes here and there, but for the most part it reads well and has a rhythm that is easy to follow.

Additionally, I have created a finalized design for my main character's bodies and faces. I decided to go with a very basic and cartoonish design for the bodies, using basic shapes. For the faces I kept it similarly simplistic with a design of big eyes and a small mouth and nose. I decided on this design in particular because of a few tests I did with my younger sister, who is currently 6 years old and consumes lots of content aimed towards children.

Moving forward I want to continue to work on my final product by creating more character designs and polishing the dialogue.

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