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It's Official

Last week in ISM I continued towards completing my original work, which should be finished by the end of the week. I look forward to posting about my original work next week. Additionally, I now have an official mentor! Last week Mr. Daniel and I completed the process to make him my official mentor and I am more excited than ever.

This week will be very similar to last week. This week my full focus will be on completing my original work. I am extremely excited to show everyone what I have been working on for the past semester. I plan on writing a research paper covering my findings and laying the foundation for how I would create a sophisticated stock trading artificial intelligence system. Unfortunately, there will be no official night at the Star where we will get to present our original work due to Covid-19 and health/safety issues regarding the event, but nonetheless I am excited to complete my original work.

I will also be working to schedule my first mentor visit with Mr. Daniel. I look forward to meeting with Mr. Daniel and learning from his expertise. I am so grateful for him accepting to be my mentor and appreciate him giving his time to help me.

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