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Mentor's Evaluation of Final Product (Thus Far)

Last week in ISM I was able to show my mentor all the progress I had made with my final product over spring break and the passing week. So far I am extremely happy with the progress I have made towards completing my final product and it looks like I will easily be able to complete my final product on time.

To put it simply, my mentor loved my final product. Mr. Daniel was laughing and smiling for the majority of his reading time, and told me how valuable having a book like that would be for when he needs to explain financial concepts to young children. This is great because that is almost exactly what I imagined when I created the book, so I am very glad that Mr. Daniel is enjoying the book thus far.

I still have a ways to go before the book is finished, but I am working diligently every day to complete it and can already see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am beyond excited to complete my final product and potentially get it officially published. At my current pace I expect to have my book completed a little before the due date for the final product.

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