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New Year, New Goals

The second semester has begun and I am back to work in ISM. I am currently working on implementing a schedule for the second semester so that I can efficiently complete my work in a manageable, and timely fashion. The majority of my focus is going towards two things: scheduling meetings with my mentor and beginning work on my final product.

I plan on having one or two meetings with my mentor planned and attended by the end of the month. Currently I have not had a meeting with Mr. Daniel, so I am extremely excited to meet with him for our first mentor visit. I plan on scheduling a meeting with Mr. Daniel soon, so that I can listen to his expertise and ideas and use them to help me brainstorm ideas for my final product.

Speaking of which, I have currently begun brainstorming ideas for my final product. Currently, the idea I am leaning towards is an investment guide for beginners, an "investment for dummies" kind of project. I could do it as a short book or brochure, and it would teach the basics of investing and what to look out for. I believe that it would be a really fun and challenging project, so unless I think of something more favorable I believe this is what I will go with.

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