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Original Work Is Complete!

Last week in ISM I completed my original work and my original work set-up and completion summary. In this blog I will discuss the finishing touches that went into my original work and reveal my total time spent on my original work.

For my original work I decided to create a research essay discussing the results of my extensive research on algorithmic trading and the possibility of an improved model that incorporates financial analysis and political analysis. I spent last week putting the finishing touches on my essay, including fixing any wording issues, grammatical errors, and clarifying confusing points in the essay. I hope that my classmates enjoy hearing my findings as much as I enjoyed compiling and creating my original work.

Moving forward I want to focus more on mentor visits and the next major project in ISM, the final product. For my final product I have yet to decide whether I want to continue on the same path as my original work or go down a completely new path. So far I am leaning towards doing something new. Hopefully I will have made my decision and begun working on my final product soon. I also plan on working with my mentor to schedule a meeting as early as possible. Since next week in winter break, it is likely that my first mentor visit will occur next year. I am looking forward to the first of many mentor visits in 2021.

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