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Reading In The Dark

Last week I was unable to do much due to inclement weather and rolling power outages. This ultimately hindered the amount of work I was able to complete for ISM during the week. However, I was still able to get a good amount of work done and learned a lot about fundamental analysis.

Since I couldn't do traditional research on my computer as I normally do, I decided to focus all my time and effort into one subject for the week. The subject I landed on was fundamental, or visual, analysis. I decided on this subject because it was a subject that I had been wanting to study for a while but never had the time to.

During the brief periods of having power when I wasn't either helping control the damage to my house or doing daily activities that involve power I spent much of my time reading. I read a book about fundamental analysis and was able to get about halfway through the entire novel. I have learned a ton of information about fundamental analysis, including oscillators, moving averages, creating trendlines, resistance and support lines, as well as many important patterns to look for in the stock market.

I am currently working on finishing reading the novel, and plan to have it done by next week. Furthermore, I might end up taking notes so I can refer back to them if I need to, but that may not be necessary if I can easily remember the material. So far I am grasping the concepts fairly easily, so only time will tell.

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